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King Hussein Business Park (KHBP)

Amman’s Future business hub
A high quality development with more than 112,000 sqm of ready to use office space at the heart of the capital.

Location Readiness for Business Opportunity
Outstanding city location on Amman’s main corridor with quick access to all city amenities. Office buildings, communication networks, auditorium, sports complex, social and support areas and much more.

Opportunities for a regional cluster developments in healthcare, ICT, media, education and security business.

King Hussein Bin Talal Business Park (KHBP) combines an enviable location, excellent facilities and state of the art communications networks, all in one place. With its advanced business facilities, it creates unmatched opportunties for investors seeking to enjoy the benefits of working in a first-class location. It is minutes away from Amman's main entertainment centers and close to the direct highway linking Queen Alia International Airport (33 km south) to the City Center.

Outstanding Location

KHBP is located at on  King Abdallah II street along the busiest section of Jordan’s main transportation corridor. The site is adjacent to the King Hussein Medical City (Jordan’s largest medical centre), King Hussein Mosque (Jordan’s largest and an outstanding architectural landmark), the King Hussein Park (Amman’s newest and largest public park housing), and two of Amman’s most popular museums: The Royal Automobile Museum and The Children Museum.

Two of Amman’s mega shopping malls are both less than a five-minute drive away, while the main shopping and entertainment districts of Sweifieh and Abdoun are less than 10 minutes away.

Readiness for Business

There are currently thirty two buildings on site with multiple uses ranging from office space to other support facilitiy and logistics buildings.

The total built-up area of all buildings combined is 112,650 m2 with a total land area of 365,000 m2 (including 80,000m2 fully serviced with infrastructure expansion).

Buildings fall under the following categories:

A. Offices: These include 13 ' class A' office spaces with total built up area of 60,000 sqm. All offices have flexible open space design with raised flooring and IT communication infrastructure.

B. Support Buildings: these inlcude two buildings, one can be utilized to fit hospitality services with total build up area of 10,000 sqm and the other can be utilized as a higher learning institution with gross build up area of 15,000 sqm. The two buildings are equipped with modern culinary facilities, which can be configured into a series of different resultants to serve the whole business park's exisiting uses.

C. Sports Complex: The 4,340sqm hosts a first class basketball court, an indoor swimming pool, two squash courts and a fair size gym with ample room for expansion.

D. Above Ground Surface Parking: With a capacity for 500 cars. In addition, there are several small surface parking areas near buildings.

E. Undergoes Data Recovery Center: This 4,310 sqm underground facility is uniquely constructed up to the highest standards of security and redundancy requirements. Its special features include an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) resistance, protection from earthquakes, fire and all other natural and manmade hazards. This one-of-a kind facility qualifies as a disaster recovery center ideal for corporate national and regional data purposes, storage for e-government, banking and insurance, airline industries, among other uses.

F. Internal Courtyard: It can be used as a great location for social events and recreation with a total area of 4,300sqm.This yard is adjacent to the Auditorium which can accomodate 500 people.

G. Empty  Service Plots: These are available and services with infrastructure to accomodate future expansions adn further developments withing the existing site. They take up an area of about 80,000 sqm.

The total build-up-area of all buildings above is approximately 112,650sqm occupying a total land area of 365,000sqm (including the 80,000sqm of empty expansion plots).

Other technical features of the project include:

A) Cutting-edge communications network and IT infrastructure
B) The core communications and IT “systems” accepts modifications and is easily expandable by adding modules.
C) There are 7,700 points of connections to the site.
D) All fiber optics infrastructures.
E) The network in the site is a multiple 10GB for each user.
F) Currently, there are five layers/levels of security.
G) There are 6,000 fire sensors.
H) Offices are fully equipped, open space design, with raised floors housing all connections underneath. In addition, there is a “low current room” in each floor of a building.

Contact Details

Mafraq Development Corporation
P.O. Box 850633 Amman 11185 Jordan
T: +962 6 5510274
F: +962 6 5510329

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