Jordan Investment Opportunities




Explore investment opportunities in the Kingdom by surfing our interactive Investment Map tool, an innovative tool to connect ideas, projects and people.

Projects are selected based on sectoral strengths and competitive advantages across the Kingdom within priority sectors falling under industries, services, and tourism. Through the Investment Map, you can also select your project according to sector, business model, and range of capital allocated.


Projects are generated from three main sources:

- Database of existing projects seeking joint ventures. JIB set up a database for existing projects and companies in Jordan seeking to establish partnerships with international companies for expansion and development of existing projects, raising finance and increasing capital, transfer of technology and know-how, or R&D.


- Project ideas and Pre-feasibility studies. By conducting sectoral studies and building sector clusters,150 project ideas were born and 75 prefeasibility studies. Many projects were implemented to date.


- Governmental entities and Development Zones projects subject for investments.   

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